Monday, 5 October 2015

The tide of change

For a moment so large, it suddenly seemed effortless. Smoothly, the tide of relentless traffic carried me here, to my new home for the year. Another new chapter. Calmly, it washes me up; a small shell tossed carelessly yet simultaneously gently alongside all the others.

Maybe it was and is my drive for something more, the chase of that immeasurable inconceivable goal somewhere off in the distance, that has blurred my vision making everything glisten with positivity and ambition.

Two weeks after the initial drop, I sit here brimming with content. Fourteen days and only one miniscule blip later and I still feel that same vein of hope pulsing through my veins. I’m excited to embrace the inevitable tough challenges as and when they come my way. In no way am I naïve enough to believe I will not encounter complications but I already feel more self assured than before. Stronger. Capable.

No doubt about it, the forthcoming year will be the most demanding and intimidating yet. Daily, I am surrounded by intelligent, driven individuals who are unknowingly pushing me to be better, to achieve greater. However, I am fortunate enough right now to be in a position where I have the opportunity to decipher the best qualities of myself and to nurture them, pursue them, encourage them.

A fresh start.

A new beginning.

The clichés are correct; I feel able to leave behind the negative aspects and people of the past, allowing the tide of life to wash them away allowing me to keep only those that matter most. And with that comes a clearer mind. A chance to focus on what really matters; to prioritise the right things and people. Finally.   

For now, the distance has brought me closer to certain individuals than I imagined it would. And I’d leave time and time again if it meant we’d maintain that, and I could keep this new found positivity.

Charly Cox  recently wrote a beautiful piece on her travels to Amsterdam in which she epitomized how I’m feeling better than I ever could:

‘It is here I am letting learning throw me into adventure and in turn discovering teachings that haven’t been bred from pain.’

Come on London, let’s go and have the year of our lives.