Sunday, 5 April 2015

A Lesson.

For you thought you had it,
all figured out,
Bounding blindly through ignorance,
Without a shadow of doubt.

But then the truth, it came hurtling,
Left with nowhere to run
Down it came crashing,
You have no choice but to learn.

Don't let this beat you,
Do not give up,
Put yourself first,
And don't give a fuck.

Learn to let go,
Learn to start again, 
Learn how to love yourself,
How to be your own friend.

Learn to focus on what's
really important.
Work to make your dreams reality,
Don't leave them dormant.

For you are much more 
Than this stuff getting you down,
And although it doesn't feel like it,
You can turn this around.

And so now all that's left,
is down to you,
You've got to believe it, 
in order to get through.

Things will get worse
before they get better,
But you're strong enough to ride out,
this wave of shitty weather.

And soon you'll look back,
On this hurt; all this strife,
And you'll say
You know what?

It was just some bad days,
It's not a bad life.