Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Late Summer Evenings.

Late summer evenings are one of my favourite things. I can never get enough of the way they make me feel. There's something rather magical about the way the setting sun makes everything have a gloriously golden shine.

When it's that perfect temperature that requires you to need a chunky cardigan over your pretty dress and sandals.

When you walk past people in the street and they're smiling to themselves as for this small fraction of the year, they can leave their jobs  without being surrounded by drizzly darkness.

When it stays light until late, making every dreamed adventure seem possible.

There's something hopeful about summer evenings. The best things always seem to happen then. When everything is calmer, quieter; yet nature is louder, screaming out at us, 'Hey, look at me! I'm pretty darn great, you know.'

Why, yes nature. You are.

It's easier to fall in love in the summer. Everything shimmers with hints of everlasting hope. Laughter becomes a repeated track in everyone's playlist.

Company is welcomed; it feels easier than ever before. Parties are had, problems are forgotten and our worn-out stories of the future are created.

As the wildlife settles down for the night, and the breeze sends a shiver down my spine, I look around and feel grateful. Thankful for the promise this weather can bring; thankful for the people I've been able to share it with; thankful for the memories that'll never cease to exist after the summer heat turns to snow.

The promise of Autumn is high in the air, and I find myself wishing for all the wonderment to continue through to there.


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