Thursday, 27 June 2013

Afternoon Escape in the Summertime

Hey everyone,
As I mentioned in my most recent 30 Day Snap update, I visited The Saxon Mill Bar and Restaurant in Warwickshire for lunch with my grandparents this month. Little bit of context for you: the mill ran from the 12th Century right up until 1938 and is situated on the River Avon. The mill was converted into a bar/restaurant in 1952 and is a popular place for families, walkers and weddings - any occasion! I used to visit The Saxon Mill quite regularly throughout my childhood, especially on a lazy Sunday evening in the Summer. I have so many memories of sitting by the fence with my sister watching the water go rushing by as my family sat behind us in the sun. I remember walking along the bridge too and feeling the current thunder by underneath. The bridge leads over to a country path through a field and up to a cute little church belonging to a nearby village. Although I didn't cross the bridge on this visit, I noticed a few walkers taking advantage of the beautiful weather. The Mill proves a popular location for them to end their stroll with a refreshing drink.
I hadn't visited Saxon Mill in quite a few years so I loved going back. It was still as mesmerizing as I had remembered, so I took a few quick snaps to share with you!
Each table has its own individually patterned slate number plate stuck in the plantpot - cute!

View from table included ruins of a church/castle (can't remember oops) nearby where some TV programmes have been filmed!

Sometimes I find escaping from everyday surroundings so refreshing. And a break away can be so much easier than we often think; it doesn't always need to be a holiday or long, planned journey. All this took for us was 20 minutes in the car but it can be even easier than that! Even just going for a walk in a nearby park or field can relax you so much more than we may realise. Anybody else feel the same way? I hope to go back here before summer is out!
What have you guys been up to? Have any of you got a place you enjoy going to like this? Would love to hear it!

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