Sunday, 11 August 2013

Dolphin Delight! | Holiday Update

It's seems like forever since I last updated on here; this is for a number of reasons. The first being that I have recently been on holiday to Tenerife with my mum and sister, which you will find out more about below. The second is that I've been experiencing a bit of 'Blogger's block' if you will, and have found myself really struggling to find inspiration for posts. (I did actually write a post about this a few weeks ago but chose not to upload it as it was rambling and depressing, aha!) Anyhoo, my hope is that my inspiration shall return soon and that I will finally get round to creating some worthwhile content for people to read!
But for now, here's a little update on the first family holiday abroad I've been on in many years...

This year my mum, my sister and myself jetted off to the island of Tenerife for a week. I was rather apprehensive beforehand as I hate flying and hadn't stepped onto a plane in years. However, after being delayed for only an hour the flight went smoothly and we arrived safely. We stayed in an all inclusive hotel resort in Peurto de la Cruz, which is a lot quieter than the 'party' areas. Again, this is something we hadn't experienced in an even longer period of time. For many years, any holiday we have been on has been self-catered; I was so looking forward to being able to grab a drink or snack whenever I liked!

On our first day we explored the area around us. This was the view literally just round the corner from our hotel...

And this is who I found on our way back!

He was out enjoying the sun with some friends...

One day we went on a boat trip to attempt to view dolphins and small whales in the wild. It was incredible. The views of the surrounding scenery were breathtaking, and after a couple of hours we had travelled far enough out to find the dolphins. I mainly videoed this as their heads bobbed up so quick, my photos would have been poop. After years of seeing them on wildlife documentaries, I was amazed at getting the chance to witness them in real life. As the boat pulled away from its resting position, the playful mammals chased along behind, jumping up out of the water. If you go anywhere where a trip similar to this is being offered, I highly recommend taking it! Although the tickets were a bit towards the pricey side (55 euros per person) it was definitely worth it. 
These are some of the views we had, and the spot in which we had the chance to go for a swim alongside the fish!

(Catching up with some Sense and Sensibilty on the homeward journey!)

I also took a couple of balcony OOTD type photos. I kept forgetting to do this though! 

Taken on a daytrip up the volcano Teide. Wearing: much loved Converse, playsuit - Bank last year.

Wearing: blouse - Primark, skirt - Primark, sandals - Primark (God Bless student budgets, haha!)

Wearing: vest - Primark, skirt - Topshop, sandals - Primark

Finally, possibly my favourite part of the week; a gorgeous mojito and strawberry tart. They were delicious!

So, that was my holiday! Hopefully soon I will have some posts a bit more creative than this but I hope you enjoyed seeing these. Have you been on holiday this summer? I'd love to hear about it!

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