Friday, 23 August 2013

Summer in the City! | Part 2

If you read my previous post you will know about the start of my SitC adventure last weekend. If you haven't read it, you can catch up HERE. If you have, welcome to Part 2!
My previous post ended with me telling you about getting the awesome chance to meet both Jack Howard and the lovely boys from WOTO. 
After this, we stayed around the Mainstage area, I bought my first ever deck of Sopio cards (yes, I'm late to the game). We then watched the Brett Domino Trio perform. I hadn't watched many of their videos before, but I found them absolutely hilarious! 
Next up was the beautiful PJ and his panel. They screened 3 of his recent short films and then opened up the floor to questions from the crowd. Watching as someone who has never really known much about the process of making a film, I found this really interesting. It's amazing the amount of time and effort that goes into a 2 second shot. 
The Becoming YouTube panel was after. There was a lot of excitement and anticipation surrounding this panel. Benjamin Cook was joined by Luke Cutforth, Caspar Lee, Hank Green, Chris Kendall. TomSka, Dan Howell (danisnotonfire), Emma Blackery and Shawna (Nanalew). They discussed some of the main topics covered in the series, especially the infamous gender gap on YouTube and whether the British YouTube community is something to be envied across the globe. It was great to watch everyone interacting, and talking so passionately about something we all love. Although I'm not an actual content creator, I felt very proud to be British as other YouTubers were complimenting how great the Brits are. I love the friendship they all have, and how supportive the community is. If you weren't able to see the panel for yourselves, it was live streamed and has been archived onto YouTube. You can check it out HERE
After the panel, Cara and myself headed back to the hotel as we were absolutely pooped!

Once again, we started off early and arrived at the venue around 9:30am. The queue was long but moved much quicker as we all had our wristbands on from the previous day. The first thing on our agenda was to meet Hank Green. I have wanted to meet Hank for years. Every Tuesday and Friday, I watch John and his videos; I find them both so inspiring and brilliant so my internal fangirl was dying for this moment!! At first it was confusing to find where to queue, as two of the meet and greet areas how now been moved into the Main Hall. Jack and Finn were working their way through their second session of the weekend, in the same slot as Hank was scheduled to be in next. The volunteers were very helpful, and managed the situation excellently. They sorted the queues well and divided up the people who were there for Hank so that they didn't get confused with those there for the twins. 
Luckily we were in the first lot of people who got to meet Hank. Due to the demand and lack of time, it was rather rushed but I managed to snap a photo with him. It was such a great moment.

We then headed over to the Panorama Room for Jack and Finn's talk. The queue was rammed with excited fangirls -not all that surprising really, I mean have you seen them?!- so I was slightly apprehensive of what the next hour was going to entail. I really admire the boys for the amount of good work they do for charity. They are great role models, and they are still so humble despite having 2.5 MILLION subscribers. I hoped that the talk would give us a chance to hear them talk properly and wouldn't just be an influx of 'You're so hot, like OMG will you marry me?' Thankfully, it wasn't and we got the chance to hear about a lot of exciting new plans they have for JacksGap, including an upcoming trip to India along with Louis Cole, Ben Brown and others. They will be racing across India in tuck-tucks to raise money for Teenage Cancer Trust. I'm looking forward to watching them take on this journey, especially since Louis and Ben are two of my favourite YouTubers. 

Thanks for reading Part Two! I hope you're enjoying hearing about my experience. The final part will be uploaded tomorrow! Please let me know if you went to SitC this year and have written about it, I'd love to read some others!


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