Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Another World: Grey Coat, Green Scarf

I sometimes wonder how it'd be if we met today. 

Walking down a bustling high street at rush hour, coffee in hand, a mixture of golden leaves rustling under her feet, she rushes to reach the station on time. Then she notices. The grey-coat-green-scarf combination; a sight burned into her consciousness forever. Him. Here. Could it be?
 He disappears behind the mass of people weaving their way through the street. Despite the tiny voice at the back of her mind warning her to stop, she can't help but speed up, desperate to get another look. Just to be sure.

Would you stop and speak? Or would you walk by without a second glance?

Hastily, she attempts to surge through the throng of people, their briefcases beating against her, creating a personal obstacle course. It had to be him, it couldn't possibly be anyone else. She couldn't be wrong again, surely?

I'd like to think you'd still be the same; that we'd go for coffee in a cliched chain store and catch up on times gone by.

There he was, directly in front of her. Her heartbeat pulsing so loud it resonated around her mind creating a soundtrack for her whirring thoughts. Just do it, reach out, touch him. You've waited so long for this moment, dreamed of it endless times, what are you waiting for? Just do it. Reach out. Touch him. Do it. Reach out. Touch him. Do it, reach out, touch him.

'He-wow...Is it- is it really you? ...I can't believe it.'
'No, me neither.'

She did it. She reached out. She touched him, and in that one moment, a huge fraction of her life seemed to flash before her in slow motion. All the memories came flooding back, entwining with one another, filling her mind and heart with a montage of images and long lost emotions.
'Sorry, do I know you?'
'Oh. Er...sorry, I-I thought you were somebody else.'
She had been wrong. Again. It wasn't him and it probably never would be. Carrying her embarrassment and heartbreak with her, she fell back into the crowd.

I wonder if I'll ever find out.

Hello everyone,
As you will have guessed by now, I have started to post short extracts that I have penned myself. I really miss being creative, and having the chance to write so hope to post more like this when I feel inspired to! In order to distinguish between these and my regular(ish) type of post, I will name them 'Another World'. I must stress, this is a work of fiction. My life is neither this exciting or romantic, haha.
I'd really appreciate your feedback, so if you have any comments you'd like to share, please do! And if you write anything similar to this yourself, leave your blog below and I'll follow you. 
As always, thanks for reading.


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